Try This: Framing Wallpaper

From JH:

osborne & little in my living room

osborne & little in my living room

Here’s how it happened: I wanted to wall-paper the protruding wall behind the couch. JB did not. I thought it would bring the necessary grandeur to the otherwise ordinary space (in fact, I would have wall-papered the entire room if he’d allowed it, but, baby steps). He thought it’d be money wasted because we wouldn’t be able to take the wall with us when we eventually moved (we rent; he had a point). But then I fell so hard for Osborne & Little’s “Savernake” (after the English forest) that I bought a roll, anyways. One month later, it was still stashed in my clothes closet, waiting for…what? My purchase of an apartment? Not going to happen anytime soon. I had to start thinking…

Then I remembered the many (17) frames I had stored in the basement (left-overs from my single-girl apartment in Manhattan; I’d covered my kitchen walls in pages from Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosity). What if I framed wallpaper in pieces? Would it bother me if the pattern didn’t line up perfectly? I wouldn’t know until I tried. Above is the end result. I actually like that the print is a bit off; it’s much less stuffy that way, but the point is still clear. And the best part is––I can change it when I get tired of it! $100-or-so for one roll of new wallpaper is a small price to pay for a look-changer. If I had my way I might switch the brown-and-white out for the lavender version of the same print in the spring:

osborne & little "savernake"

osborne & little "savernake"

Next up: Reupholstering that couch! Stay tuned…

TIP: To hang pictures in perfectly aligned collages, use a Black&Decker laser level. I owe JB for that one.


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